Raef Guirges is now a member of the 50 States Marathon Club. He completed this mission on 12/08/2007 in Connecticut. His mission was to complete a marathon in every state of the US with a God is Love T-Shirt and a massive US flag with God Is Love inscribed into it. Click on the image to the right, to view in order how he completed this mission.

Visit to search for any upcoming marathons anywhere in the world! If you find a Marathon that you would like to run with the God Is Love team, Just send us an E-Mail and we will post the marathon in the Upcoming Events section for all to see. You can also visit or for Upcoming Events.

A Dedicated Man!

Visit the "Humpy's Marathon on 08/21/2005 in Anchorage, Alaska" Results page, to read about how Raef Guirges was able to conquer 26.2 miles in Anchorage, Alaska.  

50 State Marathon Club Complete!!!

  2012 Honda LA Marathon LA Roadrunners on March 18, 2012 Eugene Marathon April 29, 2012 Pasadena Marathon 05/20/2012 MARATHON#100 Long Beach Marathon 10/07/2012  
Upcoming Marathons Results
Los Angeles Marathon Results for 03/06/2005
Palos Verdes Marathon Results for 04/14/2005
Cleveland Marathon Results for 05/22/2005
Rock 'N' Roll Marathon Results for 06/04/2005 In San Diego
Seattle Marathon Results for 07/10/2005
San Francisco Marathon Results for 07/31/2005 in California
San Antonio Marathon on 11/13/2005 in Texas
Las Vegas Marathon on 12/04/2005 in Nevada
1st Place Sports Marathon on 12/18/2005 in Jacksonville, Florida
The 2005 Honolulu Marathon in Hawaii
P.F. Chang's Rock 'N' Roll Arizona Marathon on 01/15/2006
Mercedes Marathon on 02/12/2006 in Birmingham, Alabama
International Egyptian Marathon on 02/17/2006 in Luxor City
Little Rock Marathon on 03/05/2006 in Arkansas
 Los Angeles Marathon XXI on 03/19/2006 in California
Eisenhower Marathon on 04/08/2006 in Abilene, Kansas
Country Music Marathon on 04/29/2006 in Nashville, Tennessee
Lincoln Track Club Marathon on 05/07/2006 in Lincoln, Nebraska
Colorado Colfax Marathon on 05/21/2006 in Denver
Salt Lake City Marathon on 06/03/2006 in Utah
Rock 'N' Roll Marathon on 06/04/2006 in San Diego, California
Walk the world with Tyler Burgess on 06/11/2006 in Eugene, Oregon
The Marathon to Marathon on 06/17/2006 in Storm Lake, Iowa
The Paul Bunyan Marathon on 07/16/2006 in Bangor, Maine
The Paavo Nurmi Marathon on 08/12/2006 in Upson, Wisconsin
The Grizzly Marathon on 08/19/2006 in Choteau, Montana
Erie Marathon on 09/10/2006 in Pennsylvania
Rochester Marathon on 09/17/2006 in New York
Clarence Demar Marathon on 09/24/2006 in New Hampshire
North Carolina Marathon on 10/15/2006 in Henderson County
Long Beach International Marathon on 10/15/2006 in California
Louisville Marathon on 10/22/1006 in Kentucky
2006 Spinx Run Fest on 10/29/2006 in Greenville, South Carolina
Marshall University Marathon on 11/05/2006 in West Virginia
SunTrust Richmond Marathon on 11/11/2006 in Virginia
Oklahoma Marathon on 11/18/2006 in Tulsa
Honolulu Marathon on 12/10/2006 in Hawaii
OC Marathon on 01/07/2007 in California
ING Miami Marathon on 01/28/2007 in Florida
Mardi Gras Marathon on 02/25/2007 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Alpharetta Marathon on 03/04/2007 in Georgia
LA Marathon XXII on 03/04/2007
National Marathon on 03/24/2007 in Greater Washington DC
111th Boston Marathon on 04/16/2007 in Massachusetts
The New Jersey Marathon on 04/29/2007
Brookings Marathon on 05/12/2007 in South Dekota
Scheels Fargo Marathon on 05/19/2007 in North Dakota
19th Annual Keybank Vermont Marathon on 05/27/2007
Sunburst Marathon on 06/02/2007 in Indiana
Teton Dam Marathon on 06/09/2007 in Idaho
Grandma's Marathon on 06/16/2007 in Minnesota
Grand Island Trail Marathon on 07/28/2007 in Michigan
Wyoming Marathon on 08/25/2007
9th Annual New Mexico Marathon on 09/02/2007
Chicago Half-Marathon on 09/09/2007 in Illinois
Stumpy's Marathon on 09/10/2007 in Newark, Delaware
Lewis and Clark Marathon on 09/16/2007 in Historis St. Charles, Missouri
LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon on 10/07/2007 in illinois
Under Armour Baltimore Marathon on 10/13/2007 in Maryland
Amica Insurance Breakers Marathon on 10/20/2007 in Middletown, Rhode Island
Mississippi Gulf Coast Running Marathon on 11/25/2007
Connecticut Marathon on 12/08/2007
The Orange County Marathon on 01/06/2008
The Carlsbad Marathon on 01/20/2008
The Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach on 02/03/2008
The Egyptian Marathon in Luxor on 02/15/2008
The Los Angeles Marathon on 03/02/2008
The Eugene Marathon in Oregon on 05/04/2008
The Cleveland Marathon on 05/18/2008
Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon on 10/19/2008
surf city/huntington beach california 02/07/2009
mercedes marathon/Birmingham Alabama 02/15/2009
Scheels Fargo Marathon on 05/19/2007 in North Dakota
pasadena marathon california ON 03/22/2009
Orange County Avia OC FULL Marathon on May 3, 2009 in California
Ayala Park Marathon on MAY 9, 2009 in California
LOS ANGELES MARATHON XXIV On MAY 25, 2009 in California
San Diego Rock 'n 'Roll Marathon on MAY 31, 2009 in California
Annual New Mexico Marathon on 09/06/2009
Malibu International Marathon on 11/15/2009 - Malibu, CA
The Austin Marathon Health & Fitness Expo on 02/14/2010
Pasadena,CA marathon on 02/21/2010
Los Angeles , CA on 03/21/2010
Rock 'N' Roll Marathon San Diego, California on 06/06/2010
SANTA BARBRA,ca international MARATHON on 11/06/2010
Disney World Marathon Orlando, FL on January 9, 2011
P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon , AZ on January 16, 2011
rock n roll mardi-gras 02/13/2011
Arkansas Little Rock Marathon Associated Races on 03/05/2011
Honda los angeles marathon on 03/20/2011
orange county marathon on 05/01/2011
Rock ‘n’ Roll san diego 06/05/2011
The Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach on 02/05/2012
Salt Lake City Marathon 04/21/2012
Orange County OC FULL Marathon on May 6, 2012
San Diego Marathon 06/03/2012
Long Beach Marathon 10/07/2012 MARATHON#100
Malibu International Marathon 11/11/2012
Tucson Marathon 12/09/2012 #102
Huntington Beach Marathon 02/03/2013
Jerusalem Marathon 03/22/2013
Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon 26/05/2013
Rock ‘n’ Roll san diego 06/03/2013

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