Do you like the idea of the God Is Love Team, but feel you can’t run or walk with us?
Don’t have time to train to run the marathon yourself?

You can still contribute to this great cause and support the God Is Love Team!

Many will benefit from your donation!

Your donations will be used in many different ways including, but not limited to:

1. Supplying members with God Is Love T-Shirts
2. Funding members for upcoming registrations
3. Transportation for members to upcoming events
4. Helping runners with financial problems.
5. Supplying Christian family in Egypt with Money, food, and other necessities.
6. Children’s charities.
7. Making lunches for homeless.
8. Various other charitable projects.

Your donation to the God Is Love Club will make a major difference and we thank you for your support!







If you are timid about putting your credit card through the internet, let me assure you that Paypal is SSL Encrypted, which means that it would be virtually impossible for anyone to steal your credit card information, and if you are still timid about putting your credit card through the internet, then you can always send a check to our P.O. Box Address.

We thank you for all your support!